Frequently Asked Questions

Here we gather common questions from our users. If you do not find the answer to your question contact us at!

Getting started with LifePuzl!

The three horizontal lines = Menu
To access the menu you need to click on the three horizontal lines in the top of the left corner.
Your mail is in the top of the menu, click there to see your events and accept new Puzl requests.
You’ll find settings, help central, premium, feedback and the home button in the menu.
How do I create a Puzl?
A Puzl comprises a calendar and a diary. A Puzl is completely private from the beginning. Press “create a new Puzl” at the homepage. Create a name on you Puzl, for example. “Family” and pick a color.
Now your first Puzl is created and you can start to use it.
You have three symbols in a Puzl. The first is the calendar, the second is the diary and the third is settings for the Puzl.
How do I invite a person to my Puzl?
Click on settings. (The gear) in your Puzl.
Click on invitations – invite.
Write the person’s E-mail address and select the permission and click OK.
The person you have invited will receive an invitation in a mail and get a notification in LifePuzl. After the acceptance are you in sync with each other.
How do I add my work calendar, birthdays and holidays?
Click on the calendar.
Click on the Puzl name in the top of the view.
When a list of your Puzls, calendar, birthdays and holidays pops up, just click the box to add it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: After updating to 2.0.0, all my old data vanished! What should I do?
Answer: Do not worry! All registered users and their data will remain in our databases. Make sure you used the correct user name at login. The username is an email address and must be the same email address as the one you used when you posted your events.

Question: How do I turn on/off notifications from LifePuzl?
Answer: You can do this in the phone's own settings. Typically, under "Settings", “Notification Center " or “Application manager”, select the LifePuzl app. Check or uncheck the box “Show notifications”

Question: How do I get a good summary of my events?
Answer: In the new version there are several different ways to get a good summary. You can choose the day / week / month view or a list of what will happen in the current week. Select from the buttons at the bottom of the calendar. Up in the right corner there is a list where you can check in or out of the Puzl you want to see at once.

Question: All my Puzl’s are green. I would like to have different colors for them. How do I change color?
Answer: For each Puzl there is a gear symbol with the settings. There you will find the "Home" button at the far right. Select the Gear (Settings), and then "Color”. If you do not select color, the puzzle will automatically become green.

Question: I liked the old layout with day view better. Can I get it back?
Answer: No, unfortunately it is no longer an option, but if you choose "Day" when you are in the calendar view, you'll see the calendar day by day. Now you can also choose to view multiple calendars at once, instead of one at a time as in the old version.

Question: How to remove a person who is invited to a calendar?
Answer: If you share a calendar with another person, you cannot exclude him or her. If you do not want to share the calendar anymore, you can either ask the other person to remove themselves from the calendar, or personally remove yourself from the calendar. The app is designed in that way that one cannot without consent, become excluded from a calendar where one has collected images and texts.