About LifePuzl

LifePuzl Monthly View Calendar AppLifePuzl is an application where you as parents can have a common calendar, diary and to do lists for your children. With LifePuzl you may easily and quickly update each other of what’s currently going on and what has happened. You can insert texts and pictures; save memories in a diary both parents have access to; and decide who can become members of a particular calendar. As a user, you may have multiple calendars each with a different group of members, for example, if children have different parents. You may also invite grandparents and if you and your partner are separated, LifePuzl is a perfect way for you to keep track of everything!
You access LifePuzl through, iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones! Download the app, for free at the Appstore or Google Play.

With LifePuzl you may:LifePuzl Girl Magnifier Glass

  • Have full control of your child’s activities at all times, wherever you are.
  • Fast and easily update others about what’s going on.
  • Be updated yourself by others.
  • Along with others create a diary for your child, with texts and images.
  • Share your child’s everyday life, but only with those you want to.
  • Share To do lists whit your Puzl members for only 39 SEK.


LifePuzl Calendar and Diary app Month view
Choose between Freemium or Premium

We are now launching LifePuzl in two versions: Freemium and Premium! You will receive the same functionality in both, but the Premium version contains no advertisements. To access Premium, you pay only 119 SEK per year.

We need your help to continue to develop the app, please contact us at info@lifepuzl.se. We want to know exactly what features you would like to have, and we will do everything to make it a good fit for you parents.